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CAL welcomes back: Tony Conner Vermont Watercolorist for a composition workshop

April 2/3 Tuesday and Wednesday
9am-4pm at the Colonie Town Hall

See all of Tony’s credentials and samples of his work at

QUICK COMPOSITION Simple rules and a simple process to dynamic paintings

This workshop will teach you a simple - but often avoided - process that has the power to dramatically change your paintings along with a few simple rules that will strengthen your compositions.

"It’s all abstraction" - Our task as artists is to create a dynamic design in our picture space – regardless of subject matter.

The first day of this workshop will help you accomplish that by teaching and practicing a simple process for creating an abstract composition from a group of simple non- objective shapes. We’ll start by looking at some less successful paintings and try to strengthen them by applying this process. By the second day, we’ll be working to use this process when working from sketches and photos.

This process will also begin to change our impulse toward literalism. The abstraction process is easy – the mental challenge is not. So, our first days’ work is designed to help break down the mental obstacles that hinder our ability to design space, rather than to re-create reality.

We’ll start with small value sketches and progress to color studies where we’ll convert value into color – no small task!

On the second day, we’ll continue working with our new process, but also introduce some simple rules to help us compose the underlying abstract shapes.
We’ll work with small compositions - about postcard size – both days, using watercolor as our medium. Watercolor is a fast-working medium that is really well-adapted to sketching and quick studies. Artists working in any medium are welcome since the process and principles apply to all.

Anticipated price of the workshop (depending on attendance) will be $100 for two days. Please send your deposit of $50. (payable to CAL) to Kris Woodward, 44 Hoffman Drive, Latham 12110.